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You do the math
October 14, 2009, 11:57 am
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The men I know who profess a desire to have a ‘football team’ sized family are invariably the ones who are perpetually absent from the family home and do sweet FA when they are around. Funny that, eh?

Lately I’ve been subjected to multiple episodes of ‘Undercover Dad’, wherein perpetually absent Dads are given a latex face, wig and some dodgy clothing (in the style of Robin Williams in ‘Mrs Doubtfire’) so that they can pose as a nanny and spend more time with their Dad-deprived kids.

The families in question consistently have a minimum of three children – always more than the national average of 1.96 – plus a frazzled Mum (natch).

So: houseful of young children. Perpetually absent, under-involved Dads*.

Coincidence? You decide.

* disclaimer: this should not be taken to imply that all fathers of large broods are freeloading no-hopers – some fathers of large families are utterly splendid and enormously helpful…some even change nappies and do night feeds and take small children to early morning weekend football practice et cetera