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December 15, 2008, 8:10 pm
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So! Smug folk who believe themselves to be on a higher intellectual plain because they ‘don’t watch and/or own a TV’.

And yet…

they and their children often watch DVDs.

they are perfectly happy to watch iPlayer and the commercial equivalents on their PC.

they might even occasionally videotape TV programmes (documentaries – of course!) to watch at a time of their own choosing.

So, oughtn’t they be changing their boast to: “I don’t watch broadcast television live on a TV set’? (Hmm. Somehow not quite as punchy as ‘I don’t watch TV!’.)

Yeah, so just like the rest of us, eh? Except that the rest of us have (a) familiarised ourselves with the ‘off’ button and (b) know how to use it.



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Heheh… so you’ve never sat down and watched something dull ‘just because it’s on’?

I’m one of those bores, but I freely admit to watching a pile of US imports via the wonders of the internet, I watch a few shows on iPlayer, and have been known to rent the odd film or two… but… not having a 40-odd in monster in the front room really does encourage us to do other things. Even if that is watch a DVD on the big screen computer upstairs.

However… I suspect you’ve been lectured by a born-again tv-eschewer – in which case I absolutely understand your frustration.

Comment by steve

These people are on a par with the ‘I never smack my children, although I do sometimes “tap” them on the wrist or the back of the legs’ brigade.

We only watch the news and nature programmes chez Klein (not!)

Comment by marshaklein

“born-again TV-eschewer” – love it!

we have a 37 incher* in our living room but i still only watch it 1-2 times a week

* according to my significant other, whose ability to measure size i do not doubt

Comment by Lisa Later

I suppose in a few years we’ll be watching TV/listening to radio/computing through the same screen. How will the TV eschewers cope with that?

Comment by betty

I don’t watch DVDs either. However come round here and help me set up the TV, freeview box and DVD player and I promise I’ll never mention it again.

Comment by Greatsheelephant

Merry Christmas, Lisa. Hope you’re not up too early tomorrow.

Comment by marshaklein

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