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fear of the gruesome: surprisingly common
October 16, 2008, 8:58 pm
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“Brrrrr,” said my Mother, as we listened to the news headlines. “What a horrible story…and you know I have a fear of decapitation. It’s one of my ‘things’.”

“I know. But let’s face it, I betcha most people have a ‘thing’ about decapitation,” I retorted. “I mean, think about it: if we did a vox pop on the street tomorrow and said ‘Decapitation: like it or loathe it?’, I’m betting it’d turn out that the vast majority of sane individuals would respond ‘loathe it’.”

[Cue: stifled guffaws from my Father.]

“Yeah, I guess…” replied my Mother.


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I’m exactly the same about falling out of the sky, Lockerbie-style. Yet as you sagely point out, so would everyone else be. Yet everyone else can take cheapo flights to here and there, whereas I’m stuck here with my bus pass.

I think a ‘thing’ as your mother indicates, should maybe kept for less fatal events. Such as mice. Mice ALWAYS try to run away from you, never towards, and especially never up women’s legs!

Comment by Peter

“I guess” — LOL!

Hey, just wanted to give you a heads-up: I did it again, and this time around it worked. They transferred FOUR. *gulp* Will find out how many took in 2 weeks.


Comment by winterwheat

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