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Vested interests
September 29, 2008, 10:43 am
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“We want to see ice cream made with human breast milk!” said the animal rights campaign group with a penchant for high-profile publicity stunts who actually have no intention of lobbying Unilever to pay lactating women to make ice cream.

“We have no intention of making ice cream with human breast milk!” responded the jumpy PR of the manufacturers who fear that consumers may mistake this coverage for an announcement from them which might in turn impact on the sales of their premium ice cream products.

“This is all very silly – cows are more than happy to provide the essential ingredient for premium ice cream!” said the organisation that represents the people whose livelihood depends on the sales of this essential ingredient and whose industry is already ailing.

“This is a great story! How about ‘New threat to dairy farmers – ice cream with mother’s milk’ as a headline?” said the ambitious young journalist on the graduate trainee scheme who knows that, with the decline of advertising revenue, her newspaper is desperate to fill their pages with copy – even when they know it to be sensationalist nonsense.


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“The King asked the Queen
And the Queen asked the Dairymaid…”

Hmm, I bet this is an angle A.A. Milne never considered!

Comment by marshaklein

Hmm. We have an ice cream maker. And wifey should be ready in a few months time. I’ll make the suggestion.

Comment by Stef

True, so true. And here’s what the populus says: “Did you hear they’re making ice cream out of human milk now?” “No way, seriously??” The rest of the story is forgotten: mission accomplished for no one (except the publisher).

Comment by winterwheat

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