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Unknown unknowns
August 18, 2008, 8:51 pm
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I visited my recently refurb’ed local library, which looks all kinds of different with its abundance of funky seating, space age machinery and lack of staff.

As if the wall-to-wall faux parquet flooring wasn’t enough to throw me off my book-seeking scent, they’ve recategorised all the books.

Mostly the new categories are fathomable but I was quickly drawn to a new-fangled section of books entitled ‘Unknown’.

On closer inspection, this section was made up of sci-fi, books about feng shui* and Batman albums.

I have so many questions…

* pronounced FUNG SCHWAY – please! and NOT ‘feng shoo-ee’


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A Great site keep up the good work

Comment by Reginald Bonds

Do they now mimic the bookshop categories of “Mind Body and SPirit” and “Tales of Childhood HArdship fabricated by journalists”

Comment by Moobs

Fung-shooey, chop suey, whatever. 😉

Unknown, eh? Does that mean unknown topics, unknown authors, or unknown readers?

Comment by winterwheat

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