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The good news, the bad news
March 19, 2008, 10:11 pm
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BBC iPlayer is plain marvellous, not to mention life-changing. (Who, in an era of iPlayer, Listen Again and Amazon DVD rentals, would fork out for Sky? Pas moi.)

BBC3’s Gavin and Stacey not so much. (The reviewers, they were unjustifiably over-enthusiastic IMO.)

HMRC owes me nine hundred squids. (Tax rebates are one of the few perks of having virutally no income to speak of.)

HMRC is owed nine hundred squids by The Husband. (And the cheeky sods have already charged him 1% interest for not having paid it the instant he submitted his tax return online…on, um, the day before the deadline.)


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Well, the BBC iPlayer is marvellous in theory to me, because every time I try to watch a programme on the Mac, the Mac goes into a strop after about five minutes and the screen freezes and that muliti coloured whirling thing comes up on the cursor and I have to force quit. Then I have to wait five minutes in a state of fear until the computer goes off. It’s not good for my health. One day the laptop will blow up, or I will have a heart attack.

That is all.

Comment by betty

iPlayer – OK as long as your band speed (or whatever it’s called) is up to scratch which ours often isn’t.

Gavin and Stacey – funny, but not brilliant. Too many old jokes.

HMRC – you’ll never win. Nor even force a draw and take it to penalties.

Comment by Malc

The trouble with Gavin And stacey – anything vaguely half-decent in the comedic way and people cling to it like driftwood.

Comment by wyndham

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