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Providing cheap thrills for IT staff everywhere
March 11, 2008, 3:47 pm
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Every mother knows that you surrender your dignity at your first midwife’s appointment, but truly, the glamour associated with parenting never ends.

This week, some backroom IT support assistant at Netdoctor is sniggering as (s)he looks at the websearches that resulted in clicks through to the site (‘can nits migrate to pubic hair?’*). Whilst his or her counterpart at BioMed Central is quietly guffawing at the late night Googling of a university-educated British woman for whom ‘O’ Grade Biology is a distant memory (‘do headlice reproduce asexually?’**).

* It was important to know this. Because – believe me – I was itching everywhere.

** Nope, it takes two to tango. So the little bastards were bonking 24/7 on my scalp.


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There’s something a little disturbing about a blog I read for fun referencing BioMed Central (something I have to use at work).
It’s like your mum turning up at the pub when you’re there with your mates – the juxtaposition is just Not Right.

Comment by Ponytail

there’s a grim satisfaction to be had from crushing headlice between your thumbnails. don’t resort to the chemical cosh, cos you’ll miss out on it. (believe me, i take my pleasures where i can these days)

Comment by rivergirlie

can cooties make it from Scotland to Canada?
just kidding buddy, I love you, bugs and all.

*runs away giggling*

Comment by kyahgirl

I have yet to have had the pleasure of nits, er, anywhere on my person. I’m sure we’re due for a rude awakening at some point, although I will fight to the bitter end to keep them from exploring my underpants.

Comment by wyndham

ponytail: please accept my apologies

rivergirlie: oh, we also eschew organophosphates on the head – crushing them with my thumbnail is a close second to squeezing (my own) whiteheads

kyahgirl: you are very cruel

wyndham: my sister the veterinarian tells me that someone has done a study and placed a crab louse and a head louse on someone’s navel area and apparently they automatically head in the right direction, as t’were (ewwwwwww)

Comment by Lettuce Hater

Is this what my Granny meant when she told me (on hearing I was pregnant) that I had so much to look forward to?

Comment by patroclus

patroclus: possibly, unless she was meaning threadworms

Comment by Lettuce Hater

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