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Mommy, what’s Marxism?
March 6, 2008, 2:04 pm
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Marxism for preschoolers

Farmer Duck – a digested read: the Duck does all the work on the farm, whilst the farmer lies in bed all day eating himself towards morbid obesity. The other animals recognise this gross injustice for what it is and chase the farmer away. The end.

My daughter: “But why did the aminals (sic) chase the farmer away?”

Me: “Honey, it’s a classic example of the workers seizing the means of production. You want me to explain Marxism to you?”

My daughter: “Is that where you get your knickers from?”


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oh fantastic! your daughter is a bargain. (but she seems to have a troubling petty-bourgeous preoccupation with consumerism)

Comment by rivergirlie

Oh God, we loved “Farmer Duck” in our house! We even bought it in German translation (Daisy and one of her friends were having German lessons at the time)

I say it’s never too early to instil an understanding of the Marxist dialectic in the young. All together now:
“The People’s Flag is deepest red…”

(I may have mixed up Marxism and Socialism there. I’m easily confused these days.)

Comment by marshaklein

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