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Jinxing Fairy: be gone!
February 10, 2008, 9:39 pm
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Having done eight runs and it now being February, I decided that the Jinxing Fairy Of Healthy New Habits had probably got bored and flown off to bother my neighbour who just took up Pilates. Yep, the time was right to purchase some new running shoes.

I went to what is regarded as the only show in town when it comes to footwear for the serious runner (and I think someone who can reliably run a 15 minute mile can be called a ‘serious runner’, right?).

Although my worries about the Jinxing Fairy had decreased, I nonetheless informed the sales assistant about my superstition when it comes to purchasing new gear for a newish hobby. She did me the honour of nodding sagely which was entirely the response I wanted. It also gave me the opportunity of communicating that I did not want to go overboard on the purchase, knowing that some of these pieces of moulded plastic cost the equivalent of my first weekly wage packet.

She asked me to remove my shoes and run up and down a piece of carpet (whilst embarrassing, this was a thousand times less humilitating than my bra-measuring experience) and concluded that the arch of my right foot falls in when I run.

She disappeared for what seemed like three quarters of a nanosecond and arrived back with two budget-appropriate, arch-supporting pairs of trainers.

In the first pair, I looked like I had strapped a couple of Ellen Macarthur’s catamarans to my feet. The sales assistant mercifully agreed that the width was perhaps wrong.

The second pair were lovely. Supportive, cushiony and, most importantly, aesthetically pleasing (with nice burnt orange flashes and tongue) and costing only half of what I earned opening hotel room doors and spraying half a cannister of Mr Sheen around before moving onto the next one.

I was ooh-ing and ah-ing and bobbing my head up and down in the manner of one of those sinister-looking dogs in that car insurance commercial, hoping she would take this as a sign that she had delivered.

But she was on a roll.

“Hang on a sec, I think we might have one of the newer makes which a lot of our customers like…these are also in the sale!”

Yeah but I like the orangey ones.


“How do they feel? Have a little run in them!”

“OK…” YeahbutIliketheorangeyones.

“Or in fact, perhaps it’s worth trying some of the men’s models…”

“Alright…” Idon’twanttowearmen’sshoes! AndbesidesIliketheorangeyones.

“What d’you think? Comfortable?”

“Mmm…” YeahbutIliketheorangeyones.

“Oooh! Y’know, we might just have that first pair in a narrower width – shall I…?”

YeahbutIliketheorangeyones. Good God, woman, get a grip and TELL HER!

“Actually, I think I’ll take this pair.”

“Which ones?”

“The nice oran…the ones that are really supportive of my right arch?”

“Good choice! The right support is really important. Let me take the box over to the till.”

Result. (Thankfuckalready.)


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Congratulations on taking a stand with a sales assistant – that’s really hard. Jinxing Fairy? Pah!*

* Not really.

Comment by Marsha Klein

You can’t get away without telling us what make and model. some of us are running shoe nerds, y’know

Comment by GreatSheElephant

i’m like the bbc, y’see – i try not to plug brands (although if you read nakedblog on my blogroll, you’ll see that the beeb ain’t so hot on this issue after all)

ok, ok – it’s the name of a very fast big cat…four letters

dunno the model – will check the box…if i still have it

heck, in a month’s time, you can drop round here and have a look OR join me on my runs


Comment by Lisa Later

no, no. I just like geeking at the shoes. I don’t actually run. Shudder.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

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