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Unlikely killers
October 22, 2007, 4:24 pm
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We enjoyed a relaxing half term break in a tranquil Highland setting, where our neighbours for the week were a group of Danes.

 ‘Danes? In the Highlands? In October?’ I mused to the landlady.

 ‘Yes, we’ve got quite a few parties of Danes booked in from now up until Christmas. They’re here for the beer.’

Beer? I thought. I cast my eyes over the heather-clad mountains for signs of a brewery and sniffed the air for the scent of hops.

‘Deer!’ murmured my husband. ‘They’re going shooting.’


I don’t know why. It just felt all wrong. I mean, Danes: a phlegmatic, contented, liberal people, not – to my mind – huntin’ and shootin’ types.

‘Why not?’ quizzed my husband.

‘I dunno. It’s just not very…’

‘Not very what?’

‘It’s just not very…Hans Christian Andersen.’


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I guess not all vikings are like Noggin the Nog…

Comment by marshaklein

Hunting is pretty viking-y though!

Hi, Urban Chick that was- must get round to updating the blogroll

Comment by Make Tea Not War

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