My salad dressing days

Macerate, masticate, mast…
September 26, 2007, 10:48 am
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So easy to get confused. A veritable linguistic minefield.

Much more fun to invent new Cockney rhyming slang…

I’ve started offering the children ‘Simon Hoggarts’ after their evening meal.

Think it’ll catch on?

A 'Simon Hoggart'A goat's milk yoghurt


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Welcome to WordPress! So what do we call you these days – are you still UrbanChick or Miss Salad Dressing, or what?

Comment by wyndham

lovely join you on ‘the dark side’ 🙂

i seem to be gravitating towards ‘lettuce hater’ only for want of anything better

Comment by Lettuce Hater

well i’d rather have a simon hoggart than get kicked in the davinas (mccalls, y’know)

Comment by rivergirlie

I went to a talk given by Simon Hoggart once. People’s republic of Lambeth’s libraries festival. We were all there actually to see Sandi Toksvig, but she’d found a plausible excuse to stay away. Working through a bottle of red – now we know where the council tax is going – he had the cheek to tell a hall full of women that the reason that they cou;dn’t get more women to go on the News Quiz because women weren’t interested in politics!
I had to leave straight after, but I could tell the mood at the post talk drinks was going to be ugly by the menacing looks given to him. I bet he won’t forget West Norwood in a hurry.
Oh, and to think we were all so polite and didn’t mention Kimberly……..

Comment by Sylvia

I’ve tried for days now to think of some Cockney rhyming slang, but to no avail!

Are the Chicklets now re-cast as cherry tomatoes or radishes? Or Little Gems (continuing the lettuce theme). Although, not if you’re “Lettuce Hater” presumably…?!

Comment by marshaklein

Aha, this is where you’ve been hiding! 🙂

Comment by Bela

Whenever I read Simon Hoggart’s Saturday column, he seems to have spent a lot of time in the South of France consuming bottles of expensive wine and five course meals, so I’m not sure it’s such a good idea.

Can’t come to terms with the idea of you not being Urban Chick. Suddenly, I imagine you having much darker hair.

Comment by betty

bet you anything they hear “Hogwarts”

Comment by Saltation

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