My salad dressing days

Blogging off
July 9, 2007, 10:01 pm
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for a bit, whilst I’m on holiday (here).

This time hoping that Chicklet #2 will not give me cause to use the phrase ‘Aura-t-il besoin d’une ligne intravenouse?’.

Please do talk amongst yourselves, discussing perhaps whether it is any coincidence that the line “short little span of attention” is the section of the song ‘You can call me Al’ played over the footage of George W Bush on Alastair Campbell’s book launch website.

Well, it amused me…


Yesterday (in the style of JonnyB)
July 6, 2007, 3:23 pm
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I go to the cinema!

And so to the flicks to see ‘Golden Door‘ (my verdict: really rather good*). The poster outside forewarns us that the film ‘Contains natural nudity’. Well, thank heavens, because there’s nothing we dislike more than fake nudity.

I make a dental appointment!

Earlier in the day I double check the time the receptionist gave me: 2.30pm. Tooth-hurty. Yep, life imitating art. Well, when I say ‘art’, I mean a very poor, barely snigger-worthy joke with just the mildest of racist undertones.

* Jonathon Woss: you have nothing to fear – this is about as informative as any film review of mine gets, bar ‘hey yeah! I really liked it!’