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June 26, 2007, 2:26 pm
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Tom’s of Maine deodorant. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Especially the calendula one. Your ‘pits smell divine in a subtle, organic, not too in yer face sort of a way.

And hey! It’s aluminium-free!

It was one of those moments. Perusing the toiletries aisle of Waitrose, ripe for a change of deodorant and ooh! There’s one without alumiunum. Bingo! But…but…so I’ve been smearing and spraying a metallic substance into my precious ‘pits for the past few decades? Yikes.

Sort of like when you buy a pack of pork sausages adorned with a brightly coloured label professing excitedly: ‘Now with minimum 47% pork!’.

And sort of like when Piers Morgan smugly announced that The Mirror was no longer going to allow slebs to vet the stories Mirror journalists wrote about them. Piers was all: ‘See! We will NOT be beholden to slebs and their scary PRs! See that hill over there in the distance? Yeah? Well, that’s the moral highground. See how I’M standing on top and all the scummy other tabloids are sitting at the bottom? Huh? Huh?’. And the rest of us were thinking: YOU USED TO LET SLEBS VET THE STUFF YOUR SUPPOSEDLY IMPARTIAL HACKS WRITE ABOUT THEM??

Sometimes it’s best to stay schtum.

(That said, I’m happy no longer to be rubbing liquified tinfoil into my ‘pits.)


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OK, show off why don’t you – you have Waitrose, we bumpkins don’t…we get spa and nasty old Lynx or whatever. Aluminium free is the way to go….. but not those nasty crystal thingies…

btw, please please (if you have any influence whatsoever) persuade/cajole/bully our Eden in blogging again. I know books blah blah – but we NEED a tad of soul in our lives. One cannot live on deodorant and shoes alone (though the latter might be possible!)

Comment by Exmoorjane

Ps – why has this comment turned out as if I have drunk several glasses of Crozes? Er, maybe because I have. Excuse the typos…..

Comment by Exmoorjane

well, i’ll give it a try on your say so. i bought some cinnamon toothpaste from the same company that was spectacularly horrid!

Comment by rivergirlie

In a recent round of “The Uxbridge English Dictionary” on I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue, Stephen Fry offered the following definition:

“Countryside: The killing of Piers Morgan”

Had me laughing for days that did!

Joan Bakewell at the Book Festival sounds good – it would be a great venue for a mini-blogmeet. Let me know where and when.

Comment by Marsha Klein

jane: i will do my best! i need to email her anyhoo…

rivergirlie: oh yes, the toothpaste is VILE (and super expensive, as i recall) but the deo is FAB and lasts forever – get thee to waitrose!

marsha: yes, i heard (and guffawed loudly at) that too! i shall email you re joan b (assuming you email addy remains the same?)

Comment by Urban Chick

Oh, wow, that’s great to know. I could only find one aluminum-free deo on the market back when I was pregnant and wanted to decrease the overall amount of metal I was pouring into my system (it was hard to stop eating lead paint chips too, but somehow I managed)–and that was Adidas. I’ve continued using it because it works and I can’t find another brand. Now you’ve given me OPTIONS!!! (I love options. Thank you.)

Comment by WinterWheat

Oh hey now, I too have recently left my aluminium deo behind. My sister (the hippie surfer naturopath from Byron Bay) sent me a hand knitted scarf and a crystal deoderant for my birthday. I have used both and am very happy so far. Mind you, I am in the midst of winter in country NSW, not a huge call for the deo this time of year. Sweaty summer will be the test…

Comment by ovagirl

Me too! Glad you’re not rubbing aluminum into your underarms. Because doesn’t it kind of hurt when it gets all crinkly and sharp and, um, metallicky? Also, thinking of you re today’s and yesterday’s events in Great Britain, Scotland. XOXO

Comment by mireille

Oh I hate to be a man, and therfore correct, but the last time I looked, it was anti-perspirants which have the aluminium. Not deodorants, which used to be called just “perfume”.

Trick is not to use any anti-perspirant at all, on the sensible grounds that sweat serves a pretty vital purpose, if you think about it.

Comment by Peter

Northumbrian coast doesn’t stretch to a Waitrose. For the majority of the year it’s so bloody cold we can probably get away without using anything, anyway.

Comment by @themill

I tried that deoderant and stunk, stunk I say, to high heaven. I kept wondering who had such bad BO and… was ME! Not good for me at all,

Comment by just a girl

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