My salad dressing days

My regal breakfasting habits
June 25, 2007, 1:27 pm
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I tell ya, it’s a real bugger to change the batteries in the Roberts radio the Queen and I both own.

I betcha Her Majesty has some lackey to change hers.

Clearly I need a butler. P’rhaps then I’d also have my cereal neatly dispensed into Tupperware containers.


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Nice little machine! The Queen has good tastes.

Why is it more difficult to change the batteries in that radio?

Comment by Bela

Yes, but if you had a butler he might be Paul Burrell…and that couldn’t be good…

Comment by Trapped in an adult's body

I read “breakfasting” as “breastfeeding”, and wondered about the regalness.

Comment by The Editter

I have one too, but currently it is in storage as between us we have twice as many rooms as we do radios. They are superb machines, my mum has a DAB Roberts it is an object of lust

Comment by Jane

bela: i have no idea why – but i always have to employ a very fine, sharp object to get the dud ones out

TIAAB: fair point – and then he might nick all my stuff…er, sorry, ‘borrow’ all my stuff

the editter: easily done…although her maj, i’m sure, never breastfed – none of her orifices leak at all

jane: see, now, we have twice as many radios as we have rooms – if i’m feeling really rock’n’roll, i turn on an analogue radio in the loo, a DAB one in the kitchen and an online stream in the bedroom – it’s kinda cool* to witness the time lag between them

* if you’re a nerd…like me

Comment by Urban Chick

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