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Plant-related ponderings
June 10, 2007, 10:34 pm
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[A garden centre on the outskirts of Edinburgh.]

UC: Wotcha buying, honey?

Mr Chick: Some rocket seeds and a couple of plants for the raised beds.

UC: Oh. What are those two?

Mr Chick: That’s a hebe and that one’s a hosta.

UC: Right.


UC: If we have more babies and it’s twins again, how about we call them Hebe and Hosta?

Mr Chick: Eh?

UC: What d’you reckon? Hebe and Hosta Chickadee*.

Mr Chick: Um, I think they’d get bullied at school…

* not actually our surname (I know, this has probably come as a shock)


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Don’t worry pet, you won’t have any hebes or hostas left soon cos the cold will kill the hebes (they get the hebe jeebies, y’know) and the slugs and snails will finish off the hostas. Gardening – it’s dog eat dog out there.

Comment by motherhen

The names have a certain ring about them, ya know it could work.

I rather fancy Itzy and Bitzy for twins.

Comment by Jane

I like it. Go for it. Ignore the pedestrian male advice.

Comment by frangelita

I’m with Mr Chick, but I have heard worse. Topsy and Flopsy – seriously!

Comment by @themill

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