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Chicken and egg
June 5, 2007, 1:30 pm
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Did chicklet #1 start talking like Lola (“I am not doing it…not ever…never…I am not doing it! Definitely!”) because we’ve been reading and watching Charlie and Lola a lot lately or is the way Lola speaks an accurate reflection of the speech patterns of pre-schoolers?


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i’d never heard of them… i had alook at the webiste and decided I like their wall paper.

Comment by Justine

Ah. the old chicken and egg debate eh?

Comment by londongirl


Comment by belladona

As someone who researches the effects of the media on little kids, I’m going to have to go with the former. (But that’s because, if it’s the latter, I’m out of a job.)

Seriously, though: that’s really cute.

Comment by WinterWheat

Sorry, a bit behind here. I think it’s the former but of course we acquire these lovely books for our chicks because they do seem to echo how they speak and generally are and they’re somehow sympatique… But I guess everyone’s moved on and I’m talking to myself here!

Comment by sbs

Surely the answer is yes.
Do I get a prize?

Comment by mig bardsley

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