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Wanted: bras and banned books
May 29, 2007, 6:57 pm
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Because we are Clean Air Act approved to burn ANYDARNTHING in our woodburning stove. (Bear with me whilst I hack to pieces some metallic effect Ikea Billy shelves. Hey, it’s chilly in da Burgh tonight. Needs must.)


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I’ve got a Jilly Cooper novel you can have…

Comment by Marsha Klein


must ask motherhen for that confiscated copy of ‘lace’

shirley conran vs jilly cooper


Comment by Urban Chick

Love that wall behind the stove. Dali?

Comment by Peter

peter: nah, it’s more ‘original fireplace ripped out by previous owner’ chic

actually, you can’t see it now, as we’ve stacked logs all around the stove (to stop MIL asking when are we going to paint it)


Comment by Urban Chick

Should have tried that with our bathroom! In my experience MsIL stop asking when you’re going to decorate after about the first 10 years or so. Hang in there.

Comment by Marsha Klein

This just might be genius. My husband garbage picks everything that I try to throw out. A stove like this just might save our marriage!

Comment by Lotta

We inherited a stove with this house when we moved in a couple of years ago. (We need a new one – it’s got cracked panes and the closing mechanism doesn’t work properly, so we have to close it with a wrench.) The previous owners claim to have burned *old boots* in the thing – we’ve certainly found it chews through anything we put in it, including the phone directory. They kick out a fantastic amount of heat, too. Brilliant things.

Comment by Liz

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