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Tools of the devil
May 6, 2007, 8:55 pm
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Eyebrow plucking. Why? Why do this? What is it with the whole plucking them into oblivion thing? What is it with the plucking them into oblivion and then drawing them back in thing? Whither the appeal of the permanently surprised look? Many a natural beauty has been spoilt – and many an unnatural beauty obliterated – by over-plucking.

Let us weigh up the evidence:

The case for over-plucking
Pammy: present
Pammy’s eyebrows: absent without leave

The case for non-plucking
Frida: absent
Frida’s eyebrow(s): present and correct

No contest (surely).

Sisters, put your hands up and step away from the tweezers. They’re for pulling out splinters, you hear me?


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OMG, I couldn’t agree more. There is NOTHING that damages an otherwise pretty face more than overplucking the eyebrows. I don’t have a problem with the judicious plucking of truly stray hairs on the outside corners, in an effort to “clean up” one’s look, or trimming long hairs to avoid looking like some kind of mad scientist, but the use of tweezers to “reshape” is sheer folly. I’d go so far as to say that one should NEVER touch tweezers to the zones of one’s eyebrows that extend from the pupil inward. (Not talking about hairs between the brows but underneath the brows, where the eyelids are.) Plucking that area immediately makes the eyelids look puffy. I saw a picture of Rachel Weisz (forgive potential misspelling) with plucked brows, and didn’t recognize her, she looked so common and boring. Her brows are her strength. Same, of course, with Brooke Shields. And Keira Knightly (but she’s got the cheekbones too, lucky her). Me, I’d have Georgia O’Keeffe’s brows if I could. Instead I have to settle for my own pale, sparse things, thickened and darkened by pencil and MAC brow stuff. :-/

Comment by WinterWheat

Amen, sister, I lay that evil tool of the devil down! In fact, I hand it over to all the old men with hair in their ears and nostrils, with wooly eyebrows that waggle at you in heated discussions over dinner.

Comment by Eden

This is all fine in theory until you reach the age of forty, when wayward, curly, seven inch ginger eyebrow hairs start to sprout. If you didn’t resort to the tweezers you’d end up looking like Sir Bernard Ingham. As for those awful, stubby black bristles which appear on your chin overnight – don’t get me started.

Mind you, it’s probably due to the East European side of me.

Comment by Betty

As the closeted possessor of a fine monobrow, I categorically will not step away from my beloved tweezers. My untrammelled brow frightens small children and animals, and rivals that of Count Olaf in its glory.

Nevertheless, the is no earthly reason to walk around with perpetually surprised, kewpie doll eyebrows like Pamela Anderson – ridiculous!

Hooray for the happy medium (and for two distinct eyebrows!)

Comment by spymum

I love my tweezers and wield them judiciously. The thing is not to get carried away. I have very dark hair (not on my head any longer, unfortunately) and I’m post-menopausal. Say no more. LOL!

Comment by Bela

Where do you stand on the subject of Frida’s moutache UC? Is that also acceptable?

* Wyndham raises a wiry eyebrow and reaches for the nasal hair machine he got free at a Bank once.*

Comment by wyndham

dammit! wyndham beat me to it. frida sported a world-beating handlebar ‘tache – surely that escapes any tweezery embargo?

Comment by surly girl

overplucking mandatory if you’re in cabaret or doing edith piaf covers.

the tache is the bain of my life. i had a friend going to a moustache party once and I said, “If that was me I could just get out the mascara” and she nearly wet herself. So I guess there was some truth in what i said!

Comment by Justine

Frida’s moustache and monobrow don’t seem to have stopped her from being extremely attractive to both sexes. She was very beautiful in spite of them. She probably wouldn’t pull it off these days, when facial – and body – hair is the mark of the devil. (I bleach mine, btw, I don’t have Frida’s courage, unfortunately.)

Comment by Bela

*puts hands up at back of class and says ‘yes, bleach! i was going to say bleach, miss! honest!’*

i can’t even bring myself to pluck the teeny tiny hair on my chinny chin chin – i am very pain averse…

Comment by Urban Chick

oh lord, the lone chin hair. why does it keep coming back? doesn’t it know i don’t WANT it?

Comment by surly girl

French women have thier eyebrows plucked (note they DO NOT do it themselves!! quelle horreur what a barbaric idea plucking out one’s own facial hair the idea!!) to form a permantly surpised expresion. Hence they never have to raise thier brows in horror and risk frown lines on thier forheads. Look at how line free french womens faces are and tell me I am wrong!!

RE the election party… I did say he was always rather a big headed obnoxious little boy and I don’t imagine he has changed a bit. Madame Grognonne and I are far from his greatest fans, in fact I doubt if he would find a warm welcome anywhere here in Brittany.


I am French and I pluck my own eyebrows. Ha!

Comment by Bela

P MADE me shave a gap into my proud monobrow and now sturdy hair grows there if so much as half an hour passes without intervention. Bah

Comment by Moobs

Your comments page is p*****g me about so hope this gets through eventually.
Can’t do the pain thing but would have to draw the line at the fully hirsute Frida Kahloo look.

Comment by @themill

Betty, being of Eastern European extraction myself, I feel your pain. Regularly, using Tweezerman.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

Amen, Sister. Probably a good idea to stay away from anything that, in the wrong hands, can be self-injuring. (Um, this just means I agree with you.) xoxo

Comment by mireille

Well I’m a guy so it’s hard for me to relate, although you did make me laugh 🙂

But I can say as a guy, when you hit mid-30s hair starts to go crazy in your nose and ears and you wonder what’s going on. That implement looks useful for us too 🙂

Comment by GilbertZ

did you have a picture of frida kahlo in one of your blogs??? i was looking for it. you can go to my blog at

Comment by dary

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