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Oh, I’ve seen it all now
May 3, 2007, 10:19 pm
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Yesterday’s episode of The Apprentice.

Katie (university-educated, self-professed ‘alpha female’) and Paul (former Army lieutenant) try to sell pork sausages.

To a butcher.

A Muslim butcher.

During Ramadan.


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Dang. I should be watching this show.

Comment by WinterWheat

A deliberate provocation to boost ratings?

I’ve never watched that show. Looks like I haven’t missed much.

Comment by Bela

bela: i don’t think so! each week they have a challenge (to prove their worth as potential business men and women) and this week they had to sell great british food to the french in the market in arras

the shopfront had a large, prominent sign saying ‘halal meat’ too – truly, you could not make it up!

i must admit, though, it’s very entertaining as a programme plus there are fabulous aerial shots of london (and great music: prokofiev’s ‘romeo and juliet’)

Comment by Urban Chick

Not that they’ll give degrees to anyone these days…

Comment by Hannah

I particularly enjoy the “fabulous aerial shots of London”… implying that they’re all lurking around Canary Wharf, when they’re actually out in Brentwood in Essex! V slick. I can’t stop watching, although they do appear to be, almost without exception, the sorriest miscreants that I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Comment by schoolgatemum

Love your blog. Just spotted it whilst touring in the southern United States where I missed ‘The Apprentice’. Beef would go down better here. And they don’t keep Ramadan. Ramawhat? They’ll ram anything

Comment by pointyhat

Obviously, I shouldn’t really be commenting at all since I haven’t seen the show, but I’m always a bit cynical about this kind of thing. Aren’t shows that are not live ‘created’ in the editing suite? Even if those people were insensitive enough to actually do what they seem to have done, the sequence could have been cut later. I think the main goal is entertainment and everything is done to achieve it, like in those programmes where someone pretends to have a particular trade/profession/skill and has to learn it very fast and fool experts. They all conform to a set format: at first, the person is eager to learn and show their potential, and it goes very well to start with, but at some point they argue with their trainer and flounce off; they come back a bit later and everything goes very smoothly from then on. You can tell the ‘crisis’ has been engineered deliberately to provide entertainment. Maybe The Apprentice is more honest, though. I don’t know.

I would – I might – watch for those aerial shots and the wonderful music. 🙂

Did they manage to sell any foodstuff to the French?

Comment by Bela

The husband watched it. Tested even his extensive knowledge of anglo saxon. Where do they find such dreadful people?

Comment by @themill

Hi Urban Chick,

I’ve just caught up with you down here in the South of France, I’ll be back for more riveting reading !

Comment by sally's chateau

how did i manage to miss that one?

Comment by Justine

Aha found you again! have no idea what you are talking about as we don’t ahve UK TV here in France but can well imagine..this is what happens when one educates the masses !! No dear only joking I am sure they are awfully nice people really hwoever they are, mentally challenged possibly from your description of teh show but awfully… un… nice


That’s hilarious. Too bad we’re stuck with the much less entertaining Trump version in the U.S.

Comment by katiedid

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