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The transformation is complete*
March 29, 2007, 10:23 pm
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I have become Motherhen. As she was circa the summer of 1977.

‘Gosh, aren’t they comfy, Pam? And you wouldn’t think it, would you, what with them being wooden!’

Gotta love Dr Scholl. (Although I note that he has since dropped the ‘Dr’ bit. Perhaps like The Poo Lady, he was shamed into admitting his pretendy PhD by the Super Duper Rumbler of Bad Science Ben Goldacre.)

Anyhoo. It pleases me no end that Comfort Sells. (Especially when it sells at a heavy discount in TK Maxx.) And bugger it if it was five degrees celsius outside today. If the clocks have gone forward, then it’s spring in my books.

Besides, I had a mind to put in a last minute bid on these divine specimens:


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‘So why dincha?’ I hear my lone Thursday night reader holler.

Because I just changed my mobile phone ring tone from ‘Chopin’ (kinda classy) to ‘Rooster’ (kinda silly).

So…when the alarm on my phone went off to tell me to log onto Ebay, I fancied I had been mysteriously spirited away to rural Perthshire, where the neighbouring farm’s cockerel was suffering from a rare form of avian jetlag and therefore ignored it.

(Entirely possible.)

* I know, I know: What Would The Manolo Say (I dread to think…don’t nobody tell him, ‘kay?)


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Ah, but Scholl sandals (or just “Skoles” as they were known when I was a kid) end up giving you horrible leg cramps if you wear them for too long. They always remind me of student teachers with long drippy centre parted hair who wore flowery maxi skirts (which are also going to be back “in” for summer, apparently).

Comment by Betty

Not to rain on your parade or anything, but those Scholl sandals are THE WORK OF THE DEVIL. The initial comfiness lulls you into a false sense of security, and then they try to KILL YOU. I had the worst shoe-experience of my life when I was 17 – I bought a white pair and wore them on a night out with my boyfriend. By the end of the evening my feet were cut and oozing, I was crying and he had to
piggyback me home.

They’re very pretty though.

Comment by Teeny

Cute flowers! Are they really comfortable? You had me sold until I read what Teeny wrote.
Have you seen Muriel’s Wedding? That has some comfy sandles in it…

It is indeed a tragedy about those brown boots on Ebay. Can’t be too careful with ringtones these days.

Comment by Justine

You know, I’m a bit concerned about all this mature behaviour, because I have observed that when people become grown-ups, they stop humouring me…

Comment by Justine

I should point out that I only wore those sandals once. They may have gotten better if I’d had the cojones to break the buggers in.

In fact now that I think of it, they weren’t even Scholls – they were from Ravel.

I’ll be quiet now.

Comment by Teeny

Gosh, little UC, this has taken me back to my very first pair of wooden sandals – bought when I was a haustochter (that’s an au pair for you uneducated lot) in Bavaria when I was 17. The most useful thing I wish I had done with them was to have thrown them at the horrid German couple I worked for. That was some syntax, eh! Just don’t attempt any hillwalking in them, pet.

Comment by motherhen

I would love a pair of those Scholl sandals. I used to have a pair and found them very comfortable. They’re really great in the summer.

My local TK Maxx sometimes have them in my size but the buckle is usually broken on one foot or the other. Of course, we should all stop shopping at TK Maxx altogether after that fraud thing.

Comment by Bela

i, too, love the manolo.
scholls are fine(ish) until you step of the back of them and get that nasty sharp edge right in the soft – er – underbelly of your foot. yeow.

Comment by rivergirlie

It does seem a little odd to strap a bumpy plank of wood under each foot, when there are much more flexible materials available.

Tie-dye t-shirts. Are they coming back too? I loved betty’s comment about student teachers.

The boots looked nice, and I’m not even a shoe fetishist.

Comment by Peter

I’m sure I commented…hmmm….dementia is setting in.

love the flowered Scholls. My mom used to wear Dr. Scholls all the time and I have phantom memories in my brain of that clumping noise.

Yes dear, you are turning into motherhen. Congratulations!

Comment by Kyahgirl

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