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Full circle
March 25, 2007, 10:03 pm
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You’re born. You’re pretty slow by the standards of the animal kingdom to achieve independence. So you dote on your omnipresent, all-providing parents (‘I love oo, mummy’). You cling to their trouser legs. You think it very clever that they know how to get all the way to north Devon from Scotland for your annual summer holiday. You think some of the jokes they tell are funny.

Then your hormones surge like the wave in the Guinness ad with the horses and you develop a deep disdain for anyone over the age of 17. You talk in monosyllables and write off any family-centred activity as ‘sooooo boring’. You leave institutionalised education and start to holiday with friends. You let the phone ring out on a Sunday evening because why would you want to talk to your mother when you’re oh so busy being an a-dult yourself? Then you get married (if heterosexual and not averse in principle). You have children. You start holidaying with your parents again. Three times a year. Some of their jokes – even the ones they send on round robin emails to their own friends – seem to cause the mildest tittering.

And then wham bam! Your parents are suggesting you go halves on the purchase of a chainsaw and you’re saying ‘good idea!’.


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thats… just plain wierd but kinda funy

Comment by Rhio

Is somebody feeling old?

Comment by Justine

Such is the bizarre trajectory of a life. Too bad you didn’t have access to that chainsaw as an adolescent. 🙂

Comment by WinterWheat

Ah, the cycle of life … wondrous, isn’t it?

Comment by 100 Words

uhoh – it’s official – you’re a grown up.

Comment by rivergirlie

Seems like a very sound idea to me.

While you’re at it, do you want to come in with me on a George Forman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine??

Comment by the plate invigilator

I submit for your approval:
You opt to spend a two week ‘vacation’ in the city you fled 10 years ago. Because you know the only holiday for a mom-type person is a holiday with the children’s grandparents who delight in all the duties the mom-type person longs to escape.

Comment by Alpha DogMa

this post really made me laugh. i gather everything went ok with the saw in the end…

Comment by betty

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