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How to get a new career: Step One
March 21, 2007, 10:19 pm
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Get some business cards printed. Give one to your parents*. (Yip. Still got 249 left to hand out. Phew.)

* who, if they’re anything like mine, will immediately stick it on the pinboard in their kitchen, pointing it out to visiting friends: ‘Do you see? She’s going to be a taxidermist!’


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At work every time we have a post title change or new logo I get 50 new business cards printed so that I can hand them out. I don’t need 50 but that’s the minimum print run and I don’t get a say in whether I need new cards or not either. I’ve now got about 286 spare business cards that I no longer need.

But ooooh, new career? Please tell us more.

Comment by Jane

Its sounds very important, having business cards. I’ve never been that far along the food chain!

Comment by Justine

Neither have I, Justine. The only business cards I’ve ever had I had to print myself. 😦

I want to buy myself a set of Moo cards ( they’re so cute.

Comment by Bela

better a taxidemist than a tax inspector

Comment by rivergirlie

How exciting. Congrats!

Comment by Hannah

Back in my day there used to be something called the East of Scotland Business Women’s Club. Plenty of opportunities for handing out business cards there.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

Woo – business cards, eh?

I have never reached that pinnacle of careerdom either.

Mind you, the E. of Scot. businesswomen’s club sounds a bit scarey.

Comment by Spinsterella

Kind of stuffy work, no? Heh.

Comment by Oh, The Joys

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