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What a £5,280-a-term education buys you
March 6, 2007, 1:17 pm
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Not sure what happened to the Youtube video here. Will try to repost it.


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Confused – who are those people? And if they are Fettes students, why?

Plus, it’s awfully homoerotic isn’t it?

Comment by GreatSheElephant

yes, they are fettes students (either that or extremely brazen trespassers)

as for the ‘why’ part of your question: i have no idea whatsoever

one of the other films uploaded by the same guy features their headmaster, apparently knowingly

agree about the homoeroticism, tho’

Comment by Urban Chick

Ooh, tasteful sepia fx.

Comment by Justine

Bloody hell they are feeding the private pupils well nowadays they all look about 23!

Tony Blair went to Fettes and thought he was musical, does mean that any of this lot want to join the Labour party?

Comment by Jane

I agree with Jane – they look far too old. And one of them looks like Duncan from Blue. Anyhow, I have on very good authority that the food at Fettes is dreadful.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

blimey. They do look too old to be at school. And since when did men/boys all spend so much time on their hair?


Comment by londongirl

money well spent!

Comment by mad muthas

I used to have a serious crush on an ex public schoolboy. I tried to cop off with him every week for about a year and he used to gently reject me and buy me chips to cheer me up. Your boys there look a little too pink and rosy for me.

These days I prefer Barry off EastEnders.

Comment by Linda

didn’t i see you in australia the other day? i think we have even more in common that i realised!

Comment by mad muthas

Can’t stand Ronan; this is soooooooo much better than watching the original.

If they tried that in Wester Hailes they’d get thir heids kicked in.

Comment by Mr Farty

I did two weeks teaching experience at Harrow School in 2005. It is amazing. The privilege is unbelievable. I wish…

Comment by Em

My education is costing as much as that, and I don’t even have a sepiatone video to show for it.

Comment by KitGrier(from number 9)

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