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February 23, 2007, 5:06 pm
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I don’t care if he’s hugging a horse. Or appearing in some high-falutin’ West End production. In my world, Daniel Radcliffe has small, round spectacles and NO PUBIC HAIR.

Urban Chick, Humble Blogger and Founder of the Keep Daniel Radcliffe Pre-Pubescent Campaign


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Nice horse, though.

Comment by dorisdayiwish

so nice you hadda say it twice?

(see, i’m a poet and i don’t know it)


p.s. are you doris in calamity jane or doris in pillow talk? just askin’

Comment by Urban Chick

Ooh this is sooo disturbing.

There’s a full frontal picture on The Superficial and I had to click on it, didn’t I? Harry Potter now has a WANG.

I’m never going to enjoy HP again.

Comment by Teeny

Fantastic. I’ve now have to ponder the idea of Harry Potter pubes. I hate you so much right now. (GAAAHHH! I’m with you on this: he’s just a baby! Evidence to the contrary be damned!) And for the love of all that’s holy (or for the love of Kevin Spacey?), I don’t even want to click on that link teeny shared. Ever. *shudders*

Comment by katiedid

he’s getting better looking though, isn’t he?

Comment by The Editter

I have to say, I’m pretty well impressed.

Comment by Martha

he is amazingly hirsute, isn’t he? that’s radcliffe, not the horse … although, now i come to look at it …

Comment by mad muthas

teeny: i did click through and ewwwwwwwww, no! thank heaven for the little cover-up icon

katie: i’m so sorry, but i felt it was in the wider public interest to bring this to your attention

the editter/martha: arguably…but it’s just too weird and PLAIN WRONG

madmuthas: hirsute indeed – harry potter must be HAIRLESS (not to mention fully-clothed)

*shakes head in bewilderment and disbelief whilst muttering to self under breath*

Comment by Urban Chick

Gaaaah!! Happy trails, for sure. And somebody give that boy a sandwich! He looks like Nicole Richie.

Speaking of little girls, happy birthday to the chiclets!!! πŸ˜€

Comment by WinterWheat

Come to my blog , I have Potters full frontal nudity.

Comment by tkkerouac

i love how the Superficial post with the ol’ Hairy Potter degenerated into 304 comments of name-calling over circumcision.

don’t see the appeal, myself.

*runs away*

Comment by surly girl

Forget the body, this guy’s soooo plain. (Lionel Shriver said today she was the only person in the world who hadn’t read or seen any of the Harry Potter books and films. She ain’t.)

Comment by Bela

I’m with you, UC – disturbing, and wrong.

Comment by frangelita

Harry Pooter Pubes – lol!

Comment by Justine

Potter, I should say.

Comment by Justine

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