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Dragged into the 21st century
February 14, 2007, 10:50 pm
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kicking and screaming.

Most unceremonious.

I have been resisting upgrading my blog despite a barrage of ‘go on, you know you want to’ type messages from Google.

I was only planning to scribble a few pathetic lines apologising for the lack of postings lately and before I knew it, some giant letters appeared on the screen saying ‘WE ARE GOING TO UPGRADE THIS BLOG’ (you Luddite).

So the deed is done and once I hit ‘publish’, I’ll see the new me…



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How does it feel having google own just that little bit more of you?! I upgraded my blog straightaway, just to get it over with. I’ve not really noticed any difference, except the whiff of sell-outy goodness every time I log in…

Comment by Teeny

Doesn’t look too bad though. What’s it all about? Are Google greasing somebody’s hand, or what? I think once they have a total monopoly, they will start charging. Their motto? “Don’t be evil”. Like, hello? Talk to the hand? YOU do the math on that. Its like the sharks on Finding Nemo, trying not to be carnivorous.

I saw a doco about the Google people – I could not believe the arrogance. It was so blatant, I was actually embarrassed for them and laughing at the things they said for themselves. They made me CRINGE! One man in particular who was particularly self-congratulatory bragged about how “all the best minds” etc work at google, and they know this because: A. they all went to stanford (ie everyone who works at google); B. they poached their former lecturers (oh sorry, they are all professors in the US – a nod to democracy I presume, that everyone can be equally highly researched); C. they have the biggest toys.
At some point, his form of expression and my cultural values came in to conflict.

Oh dear, where did all that come from?

Comment by Justine

teeny: scary, very scary – more so as i seem to have succumbed without so much as a fight

justine: it’s so nice to have you back in the blogosphere 🙂 rant on, lady!

Comment by Urban Chick

They may be evil, but at least they know enough to say they’re not, even if they are.

Everything looks shipshape. Your feed thingy majig failed on me though, so now I need to resubscribe.

And obviously I haven’t got anything interesting to say.


Comment by Martha

Martha, I don’t mean to be so ranty. Its a good point you make. I just find myself getting a wee bit carried away…!

Comment by Justine

I had some sort of giant letter thing too, but now I’ve done it, I still have to choose whether to log in as old blogger or new blogger.
(and now I daren’t change anything on my template in case I don’t do whatever-it-is-you-have-to-do-first properly)

Comment by mig bardsley

I was pushed too and then I couldn’t get into my own blog. Dammit!

Comment by Bela

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