My salad dressing days

For the love of Kevin Spacey!*
February 2, 2007, 7:30 pm
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A few years ago I surreptitiously slipped this new-fangled phrase into my daily conversations in the vain hope that it would quickly become common parlance and trip regularly off the tongues of hoi polloi everywhere. (And hoi polloi are everywhere, doncha find? Everydamnwhere.)

So far, I can report that it has been entered the lexicon of…Motherhen.

* a secular alternative of sorts (Motherhen thought ‘For Kevin Spacey’s sake!’ much less catchy)


P.S. I’m a guest slapper (yeah right, I hear you think) over at Bela’s right now, so come on over and join me in a little virtual violence.


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Well, you’ll just have to keep slipping it into posts that you write. That Oye Billy bloke has been describing everything as “yummers” for some time now, and it appears to be catching on …

I’m sure my mother used to invent loads of expressions – “Hell’s bells and buckets of blood”, that was one of hers.

Comment by Betty

Sorry to disappoint, Betty, but my mother said it too. Just a little better. “Hell’s bells and buckets of bleeding beer.”

(She’s been dead for many years now, so feel free to ddisagree.)

Comment by Peter

What can I say? LOL!

Peter, you mean you don’t stammer in real life? 🙂

Comment by Bela

I am dying to know the provenance of your phrase.

Comment by katie

How do you feel about Kevin Spacey?
Will I be excommunicated for saying that I think he comes across like a creep?

Oh and by the way, HI!

Comment by Justine

i’ve resolved to say that three times tomorrow. your influence spreads …

Comment by mad muthas

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