My salad dressing days

Nah, never the touch the stuff…
February 25, 2007, 10:03 pm
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A campaigning role
February 23, 2007, 5:06 pm
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I don’t care if he’s hugging a horse. Or appearing in some high-falutin’ West End production. In my world, Daniel Radcliffe has small, round spectacles and NO PUBIC HAIR.

Urban Chick, Humble Blogger and Founder of the Keep Daniel Radcliffe Pre-Pubescent Campaign

Sometimes I’d like to be American
February 14, 2007, 11:00 pm
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just so I could say ‘you do the math!’ and ‘awesome!’ without people laughing at me.

Dragged into the 21st century
February 14, 2007, 10:50 pm
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kicking and screaming.

Most unceremonious.

I have been resisting upgrading my blog despite a barrage of ‘go on, you know you want to’ type messages from Google.

I was only planning to scribble a few pathetic lines apologising for the lack of postings lately and before I knew it, some giant letters appeared on the screen saying ‘WE ARE GOING TO UPGRADE THIS BLOG’ (you Luddite).

So the deed is done and once I hit ‘publish’, I’ll see the new me…


For the love of Kevin Spacey!*
February 2, 2007, 7:30 pm
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A few years ago I surreptitiously slipped this new-fangled phrase into my daily conversations in the vain hope that it would quickly become common parlance and trip regularly off the tongues of hoi polloi everywhere. (And hoi polloi are everywhere, doncha find? Everydamnwhere.)

So far, I can report that it has been entered the lexicon of…Motherhen.

* a secular alternative of sorts (Motherhen thought ‘For Kevin Spacey’s sake!’ much less catchy)


P.S. I’m a guest slapper (yeah right, I hear you think) over at Bela’s right now, so come on over and join me in a little virtual violence.