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January 24, 2007, 10:45 pm
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Posted by Picasa I emailed (nay, gmailed) a friend this evening to suggest we might have lunch next Thursday. No sooner had I hit ‘send’ than a little box popped up on the right saying

Would you like to…
Add to calendar
lunch – looks as good …

Thu Feb 1, 2007

“…come over here for lunch – next thursday looks as good as any…is that good for you?” are the words I used in my email.

Holy cow! And underneath is another little suggestion:

Would you like to…
Add to calendar
coffee-drinking opport…
Wed Jan 24, 2007

Huh? Get over yourselves! It’s almost 10pm. I don’t drink coffee after 2pm.

But seriously: holy cow!

I blog with Blogger, I use Google calendar, I’m gmailed up to the eyeballs. These people OWN me. Never mind knowing about my lunch dates and coffee-drinking opportunities, they probably know when I’m menstruating and will doubtless use this information to send me targeted advertising for products high in sugar and fats to coincide with my raging PMT.

What next? Am I going to get instant messages purveying friendly advice whilst I compose emails? [‘Oooh, you don’t want to say that to her! You know how sensitive she is…’ or ‘I’ve seen your Blogger profile image, pet. There’s no way in hell that bold print skirt is going to flatter your hips. Take it out of your shopping cart.’ or ‘Call your mother – it’s been a week!’]

And, to think, people are worrying about identity cards and function creep and wotnot.

Function creep, schmunction creep.

Google Creep is what we should be peeing our liberal (fairly traded cotton) pants about.

**runs screaming from cyberspace**


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Oh, creepy! I try not to be aware of or worried by lurkers of all kinds. There are CCTVs everywhere too. We are not free. 😦

Comment by Bela

I had someone in Lancaster remotely managing my husband’s business email today.
What he now knows about us could be virtually printed on a postage stamp.
But it’s my son so I hope we’ll survive?

Comment by mig bardsley

That blue part of your pie, for me, would be “Time spent reflecting angstfully over things I wanted to say but regret saying”!

Comment by Justine

Thats great!
I wish mine would do that.
I was looking at an email today for an interview I have and I was thinking, “I wish google would just stick that in my calender so I didnt have to do it manually”
But Im like you. If google were to stop now I wouldnt know what to do, except blog, wordpress is much easier to use.

Comment by the boy who likes to...

Urban chick should pay for her own e-mail account
she should pay for her own server domain name and pay her own expenses for maintenance and staff
people like this are greedy paresites expecting things for nothing feeding of the generousity of other kind people urban chick is ungreatful dosent deserve the services of society
her free e-mail accounts should be put on black list
she dosent have a right to free e-mail accounts and should contribute some free services to society

Comment by Anonymous

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