My salad dressing days

A little wisdom from my inner hippie
January 17, 2007, 10:19 pm
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So you’re totally telling me to, like, go on a diet or something?

Comment by Martha

britney: given how easily you fit into that skin-tight red catsuit, you are the last person on earth who needs to diet

i mean, seriously: what are you doing surfing blogs? surely you should be texting kevin to see if he’ll have the boys whilst you join christina and jessica on the razz next weekend?

Comment by Urban Chick

I have, like, you know, a Blackberry or something that I’m surfing the net on doing vanity searches and looking for diet tips while I’m out on the razz.

Since those babies I have to look after my weight a bit more, although I think the easiest thing is a tummy tuck/caesarean.

Comment by Martha

I like that. Did you just find it?

Comment by Sassy Sundry

hi sassy (and welcome): no, i wroted it myself

really, i shoulda be a filosofer…

Comment by Urban Chick

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