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Happy Hogmanay from Edinburgh…
December 31, 2006, 6:54 pm
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This was the view from Princes Street at 3pm today. The sky was amazing. But I don’t envy the revellers now: it’s blustery and threatening to rain again.

Far better to bring in the New Year snuggled up at home. (And better still, sleep through the midnight chimes in blissful ignorance.)

Happy New Year! (And happy birthday, Peter.)


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I still regret not ever having done Hogmanay. The year I was in Edinburgh, I was going to go to a place up north with friends – it was called Stone-something – and watch people twirl burning straw baskets around their heads. Then I got food poisoning and stayed in my flat instead.

Comment by Violet

Hogmanay didn’t happen, did it, in the end?

Happy New Year, UC!:-)

Comment by Bela

Happy New Year hope your house didn’t blow down.

Comment by realdoc

I think I was in the smae place at the same time as you…!

Stunning, wasn’t it? Happy new year 🙂

Comment by Sarah

Huh. No, Bela, it didn’t. Pah. And the weather since has been fantastic. Typical. Happy New Year everyone!

Comment by Hannah

Stunning. Ditto. Like something out of Close Encounters. Spielberg spends millions to fake skies like that. I movied it, but haven’t sussed how to get my movies on to YouTube yet. Plus it’s kinda old news now 🙂

Flowers still gorgeous!

Comment by Peter

happy new year, UC!


Comment by surly girl

Happy New Year, UC! Liked your post about “things” – unfortunately my “things” have all merged into “stuff” (ie no longer discrete articles, just one heaving, undulating mass).

Do I still qualify for a mini Edinburgh blogmeet – despite my very brief career as a blogger?!

P.S Violet, that would be Stonehaven.

Comment by Marsha Klein

Happy new year to my dear sweet Scottish lass! 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

(Belated) Happy New Year – I hear the fireworks weren’t up to the weather!

Saying that, Edinburgh is fabulous for New Year regardless of the weather. Me and bunch of friends used to go up every year – superb atmosphere and pubs that open at 6am on NY’s Day (the Penny Black, if my memory is still working).

Comment by Tabby Rabbit

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