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Chicklets submit Turner prize entry
November 27, 2006, 9:48 pm
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Title of sculpture: The Hedgehog

Artists: Chicklet #1 and Chicklet #2

Materials used: toolbox, garden canes, blankets, mittens, hats, old towel.


“Tell me more about your methods.”

“We work as a team,” said Chicklet #1. “I take overall responsibility for the process whilst my brother sources the materials.”

“I’m told that you later added some rolled up pieces of newspaper. Can you tell me why you chose newspaper as a medium to work with?”

“Because it’s scrunchy,” replied Chicklet #2, rather earnestly.


Tracey Emin eat your heart out.


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Chapman brothers eat your hearts out, more like, sibling artists rock. (Actually don’t say that to the Chapmans they’d probably give it a go.)

Comment by sbs

The official comment is “bless.”

Comment by Stef the engineer

Is that the world’s most narrow door behind, or what?

Comment by Wyndham

It looks like art alright, but you know it’s not going to win without a thesis to back it up.

Comment by Violet

Those chicklets could be worth money one day. I hope you’ve got them signed up. (With a hedgehog-proof contract).
And I hope no one needs the slipper in a hurry.

Comment by mig bardsley

where’re the newspapers??

is that picture only the prototype or what?

Comment by treespotter

“Because it’s scrunchy.”

I could totally hang with Chicklet 2.

Comment by Two Sirius

It’s wicked cool. Do they take commisions yet?

Comment by frangelita


Comment by Bela

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