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As if further evidence was needed…
October 24, 2006, 12:55 pm
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Like I said: frizzy hair is the new social disease. (I mean, if fairies aren’t allowed to have frizzy hair, what hope is there for the rest of us?)


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I don’t think anyone should ‘own’ a fairy. It’s just wrong. I quite like the monster one of that series though. It doesn’t make up for the fact that I do not own a monster (or a fairy). Boo. Father Christmas, are you listening? One nicely wrapped-up monster please, preferably house-trained.

Comment by belladona

Does that include Afro’s?

Comment by antonym

That’s horrible. But now I need to know: what’s in the rest of the book?

Comment by cinnamon gurl

Oh, for goodness’ sake! Slap!

Comment by Bela

I know somebody with frizzy hair and it is absolutely the bane of her existence. Who knew? I have very straight hair that needs gel to do anything else.

Comment by Rhea

I am a bit of a sap for fairies myself, and admit it – yes, I even own some Flower Fairies jewellery!

This venting physical insecurities via children’s fiction is wrong though, isn’t it? No wonder we live in a culture where women feel that in order to be accepted within society they need to be slim, have un-frizzy hair and wear pink to be feminine. From Disney to run-of-the-mill fiction books like this, these politics are pumped into their young minds.

Comment by Sarah Louise Parry

Is that frizzy? I thought frizzy hair was, well, more like mine after I had it curled. Sort of sticking out all over with curly bits at the ends.
Have I been wrong all these years?

Comment by mig bardsley

some people say antibiotics, others the internal combustion engine, but i say the major breakthrough of the last few centuries is frizz-ease.

Comment by mad muthas

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