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October 19, 2006, 1:55 pm
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Warm stone or pale sienna? Warm stone or pale sienna? Warm stone or pale sienna? It’s just one world-rocking decision after another…

But on an unrelated note, watch this:


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That was impressive – how they even got the intonation right at all places. Nice. I’d go for warm stone by the way

Comment by Loganoc

Warm Stone too.

Think that video backfired a bit of fondness for Blair has rekindled in my steely soul. Gordon was looking mighty fine though

Comment by Jane

Our house is a sea of sisal and ecru. I’m sure they’re variants of warm stone.

Comment by Martha

No view on the colour, you know best, but popping in to say thanks for the vid. Class.

Comment by sbs

Teehee! That’s awesome. I now have no desire to concentrate on my essay, but will spend the afternoon emailing the link to various people!

Btw: warm stone.

Comment by Hannah

Do you think people are put off the idea of pale sienna because of Sienna Miller?

Comment by Betty

Be different and go for the Kate Moss.

Nice vid.

Comment by Peter

Love that video footage!
That is one heck of a montage!

I bet that took someone bloody hours to fix all that together… well spent in my opinion!

Why does Gordon Brown always look doped up to his eyeballs like that?
Hmmm, a mystery of life I suppose.

Comment by Sarah Louise Parry

May I steal this vid? It had me in stitches!! Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Comment by Karma

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