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It’s so wearing being Scottish
October 9, 2006, 5:49 pm
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having to hate the English.

having to pretend to know the words to ‘Flower of Scotland’.

having to sound sympathetic when visitors moan incessantly about the weather.

I was thinking it’d be more fun to be Irish but then Bono doesn’t seem to smile much. Well, ever, in fact.


Also from this series: why it’s no fun being British or northern European.


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I think the Irish get way too much undeserved coolness ratings from everyone else. Sure, they have cute accents and produced Keats, U2 and Guiness, but lots of ’em are religious freaks and drunkards.

If you’re Scottish, you can look down with scorn at people who can’t handle the weather and call ’em softie southern shite.

Comment by Violet

I had a business lunch yesterday in London. You could spot the man who rarely leaves East Kilbride because he had short sleeves on and a bottle of Ambre Solaire in his bag.

Comment by Kellycat

What’s even worse is to have to pretend to love the French. Y’know, the Auld Alliance and all that.

Comment by anonnymouse

Being Irish I do think we get away with blue murder. We are just like the Scots only with a bigger victim complex,less engineers and politicians and more writers and murdering fundamentalist psychopaths.

Comment by realdoc

Ah Kellycat, that’s because no matter what temperature it is in Glasgow, in EastKilbride it’s at least 10 degrees colder. I can actually see EK out of my back window, if it’s chilly here, then there’s snow in them thar hills.

One thing I like about Scotland is that we never expect to win or do well in anything, so whenever we do it’s like a surprise party.

Comment by Heather

You don’t *have* to hate the English you know.

It’s not compulsory.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

Actually, I’ve just realised that I think I hate the English

Comment by GreatSheElephant

It’s worse being a Highlander like I am.

Not only are we expected to hate the English, but it’s also de rigeur to hate everyone south of Perth.


Comment by Croila

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