My salad dressing days

September 26, 2006, 1:33 pm
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It doesn’t exactly surprise me to learn this but the weaker sex have been at the receiving end of yet more pain and suffering.

And the people who are supposed to help are only just coming clean.

Listen up, sisters!

Despite being told that they were being provided with products which were ‘the best a man can get’, it seems our menfolk have been quietly putting up with sub-standard razors which put pressure on their skin. Sheesh.

Hey! I saw it with my own two eyes! On the TV ad! I saw a guy wince when the nasty retro-razor glided over his stubbly cheek!

And it’s only now after years, nay, decades of silent suffering that they have help in the form of a Gillette Fusion razor.

So guys, throw out your MachTurbos, your Mach3Turbos and your ArbeitMachtFreiTurbos, ’cause, rather surprisingly, the noo Gillette Fusion features blades that only fit Gillette Fusion handles. Fancy that! (I guess they need to recoup some of those research costs somehow, poor loves.)

But maybe it’s not so bad. I am reliably informed by the Gillette website that only 31% of European men have facial hair. Hoodathunkit? I guess I am only hanging out with the alpha male, testosterone-charged third, then.

Gillette: the best a man can get. (For now. Until we try harder. Well, at least until you’ve invested heavily in this product line.)


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I prefer my men stubbly.

I guess I’m not the person Gilette are looking for to join their marketing panel…

Comment by Hannah

my brother has no facial hair. Doesn’t stop him from buying and ‘using’ every single razor known to man.

Comment by SBB

I agree with Hannah. Stubble is much sexier. I don’t know why they spend so much time and effort shaving.

Comment by Cheeky Carol

so 69% of European men don’t have facial hair?

What, none?

so those rumours about oestrogen in chicken must be true.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

GSE: according to gillette…must say i was rather taken aback myself given that every man i know has facial hair

maybe it’s the contraceptive pill in our water supply story again

or the size of one’s index finger relative to one’s ring finger

or the chickens and oestrogen…

Comment by Urban Chick

I love a bit of shadow, too! Of course unless there is food collected in it, hence y Noel Edmunds goes through me. Yuk!

Gilette do make me laugh, tho. The best a man can get… until next week when we pull our finger out down the lab. I swear they just change the colour half the time & give it a new name, along with all the science clap-trap & fatter price-tag of course.

Comment by Sarah Louise Parry

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