My salad dressing days

Lesson in life: procrastination pays
September 24, 2006, 1:28 pm
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Have you done your History revision? I’ll do it tomorrow.

Did you book that dental appointment? Not yet – what’s the hurry?

Isn’t mid June a little late to be planting tomato seeds? Hey! I have faith in the Scottish weather!



They didn’t ripen.



They made a wicked green tomato chutney, so give over already!


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Heh – faith in the Scottish weather. I love your boundless optimism! The chutney does sound good, though…

Comment by Hannah

They do look very pretty though, and complement the colour of the pot in a way red ones never could have done.

Comment by Loganoc

verrrry preeettttyy

Could have maybe done a fried green tomato thing?

That chutney sounds delish… although I’ve never liked the mango variety, I’d try that. Only, I haven’t seen any green tomatos in real life. Ever.

Comment by SBB

Have similar tomato problem in Northern Ireland. Might try that recipe. wasn’t there a film about all this

Comment by realdoc

At least they made nice art as well by the looks of them! Loving that quaint colour contrasting :)You’re far more experimental in the kitchen than moi, though.

Comment by Sarah Louise Parry

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