My salad dressing days

The ‘cool at school’ formula unpicked
September 17, 2006, 10:10 pm
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[Clearly, I am talking about coolness amongst the female pupils. Large bosoms were not a ‘cool’ quotient in the male pupils. Well, not mostly.]


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You omitted “excessive use of eye makeup” and “having lots of long flicky flicky hair to flick around”, but then again, I’m not sure of the long-term side effects of these factors.

Comment by the plate invigilator

I was so not cool in high school. Or college. Or now, come to think about it…

–flicky flicky hair with bangs that stood straight up thanks to much AquaNet.

Comment by LoRi~fLoWer

See, now I understand why I didn’t make the cool set – bosoms: check; smoking marlborough lights: err, not so much.


Comment by frangelita

What lovely neat handwriting!

Comment by Wyndham

pretty little quaint diagrams 🙂

Comment by Sarah Louise Parry

Now I know why I had no friends at school, wrong bosoms, wrong tabs shit if only someone had told me at the time.

Comment by realdoc

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