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Yet more vicarious footwear thrills
September 10, 2006, 1:50 pm
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Warning: navy blue Mary Janes can be habit-forming. Posted by Picasa


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Best thing about being a stay at home mum (hate that term, but slightly better than housewife)? Wearing whatever shoes you damn well please.

Comment by Martha

Are those your shoes? If so are you a person of restricted growth?

ps bloody bloody beta upgrade

Comment by realdoc

I’m betting those are the mini-chicklet’s and not the chick’s ?


Yes, what is with this beta upgrade stuff anyway…

Comment by SBB

Wish they made shoes like that for people with large, flat, spready feet.
But I suppose they’re designed to stop small delicate feet becoming large flat and spready in years to come.
Oh well 😦

Comment by mig bardsley

Love your shoe fetish!

Comment by partykillgirl

They are just the best shoes for small girls – my lass will be heading in that direction when she gets her first pair of proper shoes next week. As long as they’re not pink.

Comment by Rach

Comfy shoes! Finally a girl who likes her pumps/flats and doesn’t ‘attempt’ to walk in high heels to mould into this ‘sexy’ ideal. Cute.

Comment by Sarah Louise Parry

I must be tasteless? Because I want a pair of those for my grown-up self. Those are cute. And the toes look so comfy!

Comment by katiedid

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