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Ode to Ed Stourton
September 8, 2006, 1:34 pm
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Ed Stourton, Ed Stourton –
Have you ever shopped in Burton?
Your plummy tones suggest
Your suits are double breast.

Ed Stourton, Ed Stourton –
You’re tall (of that I’m certain).
But taller than Jon Snow?
Of that I do not know.

Ed Stourton, Ed Stourton –
Are you friendly with Paul Merton?
He doesn’t seem your type
(And nor does Michael Stipe).

Ed Stourton, Ed Stourton –
Your voice seeps through my curtain.
As morning tea I sup,
I know I must get up.

Ed Stourton, Ed Stourton –
It’s somewhat disconcertin’
To think you’ll never see
This ode to you from me.

‘An ode to Ed Stourton’ is the second in a very long, drawn-out (read: patchy and intermittent) series of poems about male British journalists. The first poem in the series was ‘Advice for Mark Austin’. Still wondering who Ed is? (I’m horrified.). Click here for more information. *tuts incredulously*


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So that’s what he looks like!

Just what you’d expect, really.

I’m rather fond of James Naughtie meself (curly hair AND a sense of humour).

Comment by Spinsterella

genius, UC. thinking about the right form for my paean to Mark Urban.

Comment by sbs

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