My salad dressing days

Little chunks of heaven in a 190g tub
August 15, 2006, 6:22 pm
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Available to expat Brits with M&S hankerings here.


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I also like the double chocolate dunking cookies but they’ve stopped doing them. BTW do people look at you funny when you take photos of stuff in M&S

Comment by realdoc

in a word: yes

thankfully, though, i have no shame


Comment by Urban Chick

Just to clarify: that’s not your fridge, right?

Comment by Wyndham

Looks tasty. Do I have to go all the way to the Kingdom to get this? Who makes this stuff, not Ben and Jerrys??

Nice blog.

Comment by goatman

Wow, thanks Urban Chick, I will be bulking buying that ice cream immeadiately.

Comment by EmmaK

‘Ggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ as Homer would say.

Comment by belladona

As an expat, that little lot looks v. tempting. Except that I’d probably turn into a 190kg tub by the end of the munchathon. Sigh. It’s M&S underwear I actually miss. Don’t suppose they’d send an XL pair of knickers along with the snacks, would they?
Oh, sorry. Came via Naked Blog. Hope you’re having a good summer in U.K. Bye for now.

Comment by urban gypsy

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