My salad dressing days

August 13, 2006, 9:09 pm
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Things I am learning about myself after reading Getting Things Done:

1. I can’t Get Things Done when I’m wearing my nightie. Nightie spells slouching. It has become clear that in order to be professional and efficient, I need to have my bosoms strapped down (and circulation to my midriff reduced) and be wearing socks. My efficiency in all things organisational is doubly enhanced when I am wearing make-up.

2. I had, hitherto, never had cause to use the word ‘credenza’. Nor, I imagine, will I ever have cause to invoke its use again.

3. I am good at “delegating”.

4. I am also quite good at bribery. (I think I may have known this already.)

5. I am worried that I might “have major leaks in my collection process”. This is bad but I am marginally reassured that this is a problem suffered by “most people”. Sort of like incontinence, I s’pose.

6. Self-help books make me giggle (especially when they say things like: “an ideal opportunity to get funky and clean house”).

7. I am easily distracted.

8. Mr Chick is in fact more than capable of summarising the broad gist of last three chapters in four sentences, thereby saving me precious time to Get Things Done.

9. I still harbour an obsessive-compulsive need to ensure that my lists run to ten points.

10. This is probably not something I need to seek therapy for.


(Nice little segue coming up, if I do say so myself…)

And a little self-knowledge would go a long way in the case of the South Edinburgh Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate Gavin Brown:

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Number Five: He can’t count.


[Sorry, couldn’t resist.]


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What did Mr Chick say?

And how is your first Edinburgh summer in a while going? Are the chicks getting used to being peally wally and have they started calling you “Hen” ?

Comment by Jane

from what I remember, the Edinburgh summer – as in sunny and warm days – lasts about two weeks. Although the marathon daylight hours are great if you’re up to going out for a show and a drink at midnight.

Comment by Violet

teeheehee. Love the idea of you sitting there working in socks and make-up with your boobs firmly strapped down. No mention of knickers, there…

Comment by frangelita

The fifth thing was clearly something too awful to contemplate. Does he own a ranch to entertain all those children he helps?

Comment by Peter

UC, have you seen ‘mind mapping’?
When Eldest recommended ‘getting things done’ I went to read it in Waterstones and came away with the mini version of mind mapping. (so mini I’ve lost it). Just as complicated and obscure as ‘getting things done’ but much prettier!

Comment by mig bardsley

I have the fifth thing you didn’t know about Gavin Brown – I went out with him for 5 minutes when I was 13 (brother of school friend), I am now thoroughly ashamed of myself, as he is a complete twerp, can only attribute my actions to youth and the well-known attraction of friends older brothers (even that only lasted a nano second). aargghh, an ugly tory MP, the shame, I could contact some tabloids tho’

Comment by suburban bantam

SB: sista! i almost called you to ask…THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!

[calling you NOW]

ugh, just UGH

Comment by Urban Chick

Apart from being truly shocked about SB’s fling with Gavin Brown (we will be having words, I can tell you)- I thought Nike were the most outstanding trainers in the world, or have I missed something?

**fluffs up feathers and stalks off**

Comment by motherhen

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