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Irony (but not as Alanis knows it)
August 6, 2006, 5:03 pm
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I have so much to do (besides eating five portions of fruit and vegetables, making a positive contribution to the life of this planet and reapplying the nail polish on my toenails). Yes, I am busy, people.

But before I attempt to do any of it, Mr Chick insists that I read this.

(It’s practically a religion, y’know.)


However, first things first: must share link (pinched from the lovely Betty) to article which sums up the UTTER NONSENSE prevailing in the [*coughs*] mainstream meeja about blogging just now. Blah blah blah…whatever.


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Ooh, I’m first! (It’s all part of my work avoidance scheme…)

Self-help books suck. Just knowing that it’s a self-help book ensures that I won’t read it. My ex-boss tried to get my peers and I to read “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, but as we were all (a) overworked, and (b) negative cynics, none of us got past page 2.

An ex-friend of mine (I phased her out because she was a pain in the a*se) practically ordered me to force my husband to read “Men are from Mars…”. When I laughed at the mere idea (he doesn’t do self-help either) she huffily retorted: “well, he obviously doesn’t love you very much if he won’t even do this for you”.

Clearly Mr Chick isn’t of the same mindset (you see, I’ve got all the necessary vocab) but perhaps you COULD read it, and then provide your loyal readers with a handy print-out-‘n’-keep summary of all the salent points?


(Word verification: mmzhgic – what David Blaine sounds like when he sneezes)

Comment by the plate invigilator

brilliant article.

I write a blog because I care passionately about what I’m writing about, and I think there are deep, deep problems with the world we’re in. And if a few people can get a bit of insight or be inspired to find out more about it by reading my personal experiences of a profession which is as frustrating, draining and ultimately rewarding as any other, then I’m happy.

If Janet Street-f**king-Porter doesn’t like that she can piss off back to whichever reality tv show that will have her or get back to writing about things that matter, like porridge.

apologies for the rant. only read what these bloody idiots have been saying from that link. been reading the grauniad on line mainly, which is pretty blogger-friendly.

Comment by riddledwiththepox

“7 habits” for the noughties?
Nice ‘seeing’ you 🙂

Comment by Justine

Hiya UC. Nice to see your blog, and hope you’ve made some friends. Me, I’m an interpersonal disaster, so I won’t offer myself. Plus I’ve never heard of Grazia.

(One self-help book which really does help is Easy Way to Stop Smoking, by Allen Carr.) But then he went and got lung cancer after 26 years off the weed. Shame.

Comment by Peter

Self-help books do, indeed, suck.

(Apart from ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ which rang so many bells that I almost cried..)

Comment by Spinsterella

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