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Fugly*, but ohsocomfortable
August 1, 2006, 8:45 pm
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My secret is out: all my favourite shoes are from Clarks. This pair were in the sale. They exist in pea green (ooh) but not in my size (boo).

So, black it is (again).

Still, at least in these, I’m unlikely to become just another statistic



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I own an extremely similar pair that are Birkenstocks.

You are not alone in your fugly comfortableness.

Comment by whinger

Yeah, pea green would have been so unusual. Nice, sensible shoes just perfect for one of those jobs that require you stand around all day.

Comment by Violet

I like ’em. A nod to the whole ballet slipper thing, but more substantial and don’t look like they’d fall off if you had to run for a bus. Good work, UC!

Though I’d probably have bought the green ones. Just to be different. And then never have worn them.

Comment by Pashmina

I normally go for comfort over style, but these seem to combine the two in a weird sort of way. Kind of like a grown-up Mary-Jane. Maybe I should get out of my Merrills and take a look at Clarks…

Comment by the plate invigilator

Mmm, comfy but funky…

Comment by frangelita

Do women have “shoe ages” – you know, like there are “reading ages” and “skin ages”?

If so, you’d be 6!

(This would be a good thing.)

Comment by Stef the engineer

stef: no doubt some smartypants fashion editor has suggested as much

i still adhere to the old adage: act your age, not your shoe size (well, occasionally – kinda depends if you’re going with UK or european sizes)


Comment by Urban Chick

They look wonderfully comfy. And nice. Fugly is good.

The shoe stats article is hilariuos btw, I’m so glad they’e not thinking of banning high heels but I’m a bit puzzled as to how you should wear high heels *in moderation*. Would that be only one at a time maybe?

Comment by mig bardsley

I like Mary Jane style shoes, so they don’t look fugly to me… I have no taste, though, so what do I know. Comfy always looks so attractive to me. Hey, at least they’re not white orthopedic shoes!

Comment by katiedid

They look really nice. I hate high heels. I can’t walk in them, run in them, dance in them. So they don’t make me feel sexy or feminine.

Lovely flat comfy shoes in which I feel comfortable and my feet can breathe are the sort of shoes that I covet. Freedom to walk, to run that is what I covet.

And do you know what I still look good.

Comment by Anonymous

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