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Open letter to the Director General of the BBC
July 31, 2006, 1:38 pm
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Dear Mr Thompson

My children are really keen on the three-minute film in the middle of the Teletubbies DVD I bought them for Christmas.

When I say ‘really keen on’, what I mean is ‘displaying a frightening obsession with’.

The film involves two four-year-olds (Becky and Alistair) making ice cream sundaes in their parents’ kitchen.

It’s quite possible that I have had to sit through this mini-movie, um, 376 times in the past week.

So I am writing to enquire whether you might consider giving Becky and Alistair their very own show on Cbeebies.

Truly, they are a comic duo on a par with the best of British (French and Saunders, Morecambe and Wise, Keith Harris and Orville etc.).

A daily slot just after the Bobinogs would go down a treat in this household and might I suggest that you extend their remit beyond culinary tips to wildlife documentaries and catwalk commentaries?

Yours hopefully,
Marnie Sweet

P.S. Their comic genius is only enhanced by Becky’s slurred speech and Alistair’s missing top left incisor, so please don’t be thinking about giving them a makeover before they make it on the big screen.


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