My salad dressing days

My dream last night
July 30, 2006, 9:41 pm
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I was at the dentist’s.

With Mel Gibson.

He was getting kinda flirty.

I was not overly impressed (as far as I am concerned, MG is ick ick ick – sorry, ladies…just can’t see his appeal).

But I remember thinking: man, is this bloggable!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and: whoa there! He just said ‘sux’* not ‘seeeeeeeks’.

Mel is a New Zealander masquerading as an Australian! Wah!

It’s Russell Crowe all over again…

[Then I woke up. Next to Mr Chick. Molars intact.]

* because everyone knows that the way to tell an Australian and New Zealander apart is to ask them to say the number that comes after five (Martha, dear: am I right here?) and the way to tell a Canadian and American apart is to ask them to say ‘about’ (where the Canadian says ‘aboot’ – Laura? back me up here?)

[Nope. Loins decidedly ungirded. (Mine, not his.)]


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good lord, he’s repellently unattractive. The politics don’t help either.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

well, right

bleurgh (basically)

Comment by Urban Chick

yep, you’re bang on. The other one is to ask us to say “fish and chips”. New Zealanders say “fush and chups” and Australians say “feesh and cheeps” (freaks).

Comment by Martha

He is a bit of a freak. Liked him in Mad Max, though.

Comment by frangelita

The man possesses no attractions whatsoever. Have never understood why some women swoon at his very name. For a start, he could fit in my pocket – and I’m only 5 foot 3. Plus, as GSE so rightly says, his politics don’t exactly make him the catch of the century. Steer well clear, that’s what I say.

(Apparently he recently called a female police officer “Sugart*ts” – which pretty much tells us everything we need to know about his attitude to women…)

Comment by the plate invigilator

I find it easier (if cowardly) when speaking to someone of a Down Under persuasion to assume they’re from NZ. That way, if they are, they don’t get ratty, and the Aussies don’t really mind.

Works equally well for Canadians and Americans.

Bleurgh to Gibson. Yay to Owen, Clive.

Comment by Hannah

Pehaps this will be a helpful link to safeguard against such dreams in the future?

Comment by katiedid

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