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July 21, 2006, 12:30 pm
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Yes, me. Me and this blog.

What’s it all about?

Well, I’m not telling you. You’ll have to work it out for yourselves.


My editorial policy
Anything goes. Except some things. And other things. And those things. God, no-one needs to know about those things. *shivers*

My comments policy
Guilt. I admire the lovely bloggers who welcome new commenters and respond to each comment in turn (except when this seems to be their overarching policy but they don’t welcome me or respond to me – I abhor these sort of bloggers). I often feel I should do the same myself. So I try. But then fail. Mostly, I get distracted. I think ‘ooh, there’s XXX blogger! wonder what (s)he’s up to – better scoot over to her/his blog’ and off I go, forgetting to say ‘hi’ or ‘excellent observation!’ or whatever.

So like I said, my comments policy is: low level, perpetual guilt.

My blogroll policy
Ooh, it’s kind of exciting making up policies! Wonder if Tony Blair feels the same… Um, well, I recently revamped my blogroll, as I decided that it ought to be a reflection of the blogs I read. So doubtless (possibly) some previously-linked bloggers feel miffed. Most likely they didn’t notice or were grateful for an excuse to be able to delink to a blog in terminal decline. Anyhoo. Of course, I reserve the right to forget to add lovely, new blogs to my blogroll (I am the Princess of Procrastination – it took me seven months to build up to updating my blogroll last time around). And sometimes I take off blogs that appear to be dormant. But basically, if you’re pondering the possibility of Conspiracy versus Cock-Up, always assume Cock-up. Every time. Conspiratorial behaviour takes a lot of planning, effort and energy and I have very little of these things. (Same goes for Tony Blair, no doubt).

Does that help?

No? Oh well…


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Delighted to happen upon you, and I look forward to reading more well-read asides, absurd pastiches and unabashedly childish enthusiams. WONDERFUL STUFF.

On rereading my commment comes across as rather arsey – but I can’t be fagged to craft it into anything less pretentious because it’s bedtime. Next one will be less up itself, promise.


Comment by Anonymous

Well what a smart site – anyway just popped in to say hello – I was attracted by the pinkness.

Comment by countrymousie

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