My salad dressing days

Emotionally drained
July 17, 2006, 9:08 pm
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That’s what a visit to the Highlands does for a girl.

Well, a girl like me.

(Nay. Woman. Who am I kidding?)

You see, I am moved by hand signals.

That special language that drivers have.

That ‘thank you for letting me zip past as you sit patiently in the Passing Place lay-by’ hand sign. Or the reciprocal ‘oh, really! it was no trouble – thank you! please do have a pleasant day!’.

Or the hand out of the window circular movement ‘please overtake me – I realise I am driving appallingly slowly and you clearly have some urgent business to which to attend – be my guest and overtake…I’ve looked ahead and there’s nothing coming in the opposite direction’.

Or the showing of the open palm and gentle Royal wave to a pedestrian: ‘no, you are not mistaken: there is no green man – nonetheless, I want you to feel able to cross the road in safety’.

Y’see. That sense of kindred spiritedness? It touches me. It makes me feel part of a greater whole.

And let’s face it, it’s a language which is accessible. No years of studying or three-hour examinations are required to reach a reasonable level of proficiency.

Like the best things in life, it’s intuitive. Hey, you don’t remember your driving instructor taking time out of your hour-long lesson to talk you through ‘Hand Gesturing To Fellow Road Users’, do you?

It’s biologically hard-wired.

Amen to that.

But anyway, back to those hand gestures. Even though I minimised my ‘Passing Place lay-by’ thankyous to a flip of my palm (thumb erstwhile locked around steering wheel), I must have done it about a hundred times.

And now I feel tired.

But it was worth it, because we got views like this:


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What is the universal hand signal (to drivers) for “Put down that cell phone and let me (pedestrian) cross the street?”

Comment by MJ

oh my, L. That is a lovely place. And it looks so much like the San Juan Islands, just north of where I live. We are so lucky to be near that kind of nature, aren’t we? xoxo

Comment by mireille

In Cape Town we thank people for letting us pass by flicking the emergency lights on for a second or two afterwards. The accepted form in response is to say “no problema” by flashing your headlights briefly.

Comment by DavetheF

Hey, UC, *excitedly jumping up and down* I been there!
(Sorry, weeks late)
(and lovely pics)

Comment by mig bardsley

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