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Competition for deep-fried Mars Bars
July 6, 2006, 6:27 pm
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Irn Bru sorbet*.

Yes, really.

It’s what’s slipping down the throats of the Edinburgh Elite these balmy summer days, courtesy of this fine establishment.

* it’s the orange mush wedged between humdrum lemon and common-or-garden kiwi


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Want. Some. Now…

Drool, I love Irn Bru but it’s fairly hard to get the diet version this far south without going to Corby.

Comment by Jane

Just seen u via the Mary whatsername post ( the independent writer who thought we didn’t exist.) First off cool blog. Second just posted myself on the Mary topic so pop by if you want. Thirdly what are gonna say to her, and i wonder if and what you will get in reply? Cheerio. Pippa

Comment by parnellpr

Diet Irn Bru is a highly-prized commodity in these parts, it’s Mr P’s hangover cure of choice. He’d bloody love that sorbet.

*sigh* now we’re going to have to go to Scotland for our holidays…

Comment by Pashmina

altogether now:
“Maaaaade in Scotland from girders”

Comment by GreatSheElephant

gosh, who knew? girders, eh?

something I’ll have to try at that nebulous time in the future when i come to visit you! 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

Huh. Something new every day.

Comment by Hannah

Pashmina- Diet Irn Bru is the ONLY hangover cure. Your husband has very good taste.

I know that ice cream shop, I had to walk past it on my way to and from lectures. Occasionally it provided me with celebratory yummyness after finishing an exam.

Not sure about the Irn Bru sorbet but you can get Irn Bru ice cream here in Glasgow.

The best thing though is an Irn Bru ice cream float. It only works with vanilla but I can recommend it highly.

Comment by Heather

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