My salad dressing days

Devalued currency
June 22, 2006, 3:06 pm
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No, not Sterling or the Euro or the US Dollar, but the Prefix.

And specifically the following prefixes: special, biggirls and bigboys.

They had worked wonders for us for so long.

‘Don’t want to go for walk!’

‘But Daddy wants to take you out in the special buggy!’

[The sound of TS and TD scrambling towards the front door and the creak of satisfied grins breaking out on parental faces.]

‘No eat breakfast!’

‘What about if Mummy gives you your cereal in a biggirlsbowl?’

[Half a super-sized pack of Cheerios disappears in the space of seven minutes.]

But the important thing to remember with prefixes, as with so many things in life, is to avoid over-use which might lead to their devaluation.

We have at least half a dozen ‘special’ creams in the house: the one which helps make grazed knees feel better, the one which Mummy inexplicably slathers all over her translucent skin so that it may glow , the one which Daddy rubs into his walking boots so that they repel water etc. And we wouldn’t want an accident. Mummy does not want to wake up to find TS or TD slathering Brasso on her lower legs.


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