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So if I’m not supposed to be blogging
May 2, 2006, 11:21 am
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Posted by Picasa I can at the least post a painting done by my sister Monica, right?

She’s terribly talented and needs a kick up the proverbial to leave her small children to wreak havoc whilst she paints some more of these. (Particularly as I would like a watercolour or two to adorn the walls of my new house.)

And whilst we’re on the subject, go and check out Laurelines, because I love her stuff too.

(Quite bossy, aren’t I?)


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Comment by Justine

Oooooooo! That’s lovely! But can the small children please not be wreaking havoc in my house while she paints?

Comment by anonymouse

Good picture, nicely stylised. : )

Comment by bigskies

wonderful piece of art..well done!..but i have to ask,are those cracks on the right wall?
They need some plastering,yeah?

Comment by abhi

monica, please paint some more!!!

Comment by Kyahgirl

ooh, v nice. It’s so pink and purple, lovely.

Comment by frangelita

That’s lovely. A happy picture.

Comment by mig bardsley

Hey I like that you like it!
(And yes, my living room really is pinky-purple)

Happy to accept commissions, natch…

I think you’ll find my rates very reasonable.

Right – back to the two small children. Now if only I could remember where I put them….

Comment by Monica

Gorgeous picture, Sister Monica is a very clever chickadee.

As is Sister Urbanchick. And funny too. I’m glad that “Squirty Up The Clacker Day” has legs, so to speak.

Comment by Ova Girl

OMG, it’s lovely. Really. So there are at least two talented women in the family? xoxo

Comment by mireille

Wow, I love it. As a fellow painter, I love seeing something that free and unconcerned. Lovely. Unually I end up painting for the kids who always want in on the action. It’s been volcanoes recently for the 5 yo. Happy Benevolent Bloggers Day!

Comment by Emotenote

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